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Fraud Examination Conduct and Procedures Week 8 Case 3 pages

Date Posted: October 18th, 2019
Deadline: October 25th, 2019 at at 03:03:AM
Job Budget: 6

Job Description

  Week 8 Case



Review Chapter 16 case 4.  You will be using this case as a guide - see email


Based on your readings, current literature, and the Fraud Examiners Manual analyze the case information and complete the following using the template provided  Week 8 Case Template.docx



  • Identify the specific valuation method(s) you would use in this case and explain why and how it would be used.
  • Use the evidence log in the Fraud Examiner's manual to log in what evidence you think may be needed in this case.   Be sure to provide between 7-10 examples 


  •      3 pages including Evidence Log (not including title page, abstract or reference page)
  •       Proper APA format and any special formatting required in this case which can be embedded or added in as an Appendix to your document)
  •       Minimum of 3 scholarly sources not including your textbook

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